Hate or Hospitality?: The 2 Windows Project

Hate or Hospitality?: The 2 Windows Project

The 2 Windows Project is a program attempting to foster discussions of science and faith. As a Christian, it can be difficult to reconcile the credibility of science with the intuition of faith. The 2 Windows Project offers discussions to help bridge the gap between faith and science, trying to help people understand that both options can live harmoniously together.

At 6pm on October 1, Putnam City Original Auditorium will be hosting the 2 Windows team’s third panel. This panel is titled “Hate or Hospitality,” featuring psychologist Richard Beck, Imam Imad Enchassi, and Reverend Lori Walke. This panel is about the psychology of hate, understanding why we hate and how we become aware of hate to produce a world of love.

Brit Bolerjack, the 2 Windows’ Project Administrator, explained the schedule of the panel. “Usually our panel consists of three people: a pastor, a theologian, and a scientist. The first hour, we ask them questions that we’ve prepped them for, and the second hour is all text-in questions from the audience.”

When asked what the purpose of this project was, Bolerjack responded, saying, “Often, people feel like they must choose between believing in science or believing in God. We hope, through this project, that we will show over and over again that you do not have to compartmentalize your faith to believe in science or compartmentalize science to have faith, that you can integrate those things into a whole as part of who you are.”

Southern Nazarene University (SNU) student Bethany Vierow has attended both 2 Windows’ panels and explained her view of what the project means to her. “It creates a space for important… and necessary conversations to be had. I think that in our society, it is important to take a posture of listening whenever we can, and that is what the 2 Windows Project allows us to do. I have been given an opportunity to listen about important issues that are relevant to my life and my ministry, as well as the people in my life.”

Both Bolerjack and Vierow expressed how important it is to facilitate these discussions, especially on a college campus. Bolerjack says that the project is aimed towards millennials and college students especially, as she believes it is a “great time in life to start thinking about these issues.”

Bolerjack recalls her own experience at SNU and the intentions of the project, saying, “The professors at SNU do a really great job of giving students a deep foundation in science and a deep foundation in theology, but there are not necessarily a lot of public ways to work on your own healthy integration of those things. To give you a platform… where science and faith intersect, that can be helpful to a student’s journey.”

As stated above, the next 2 Windows Project panel is on October 1 at 6:00 PM, located at Putnam City Original Auditorium, 5300 NW 50th St., OKC. Whether you struggle with integrating science and faith or simply want to be a part of this discussion, consider attending this free event. It is important to learn how to listen, and the 2 Windows Project helps us do just that.

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