Helping Others this Holiday Season

Helping Others this Holiday Season

Many things come to mind when one thinks about Christmas: family, good food, or opening presents on Christmas morning. While these are memories many people associate with Christmas, there are many people that are not fortunate enough to experience all of these things; but there is good news—you can do something about it. There are many different opportunities to give, donate or volunteer for the holiday season all around OKC.

The Salvation Army is recognized as a church and an international charitable organization. Donating online at is a very quick and easy way to get involved and help the community. They also accept clothing and good donations which go to help fund rehabilitation programs.

All over Oklahoma City, you will see many Salvation Army volunteers standing outside storefronts through the Christmas season with red buckets asking for donations. This helps provide families with clothes, toys and even Christmas dinners. If none of these specific opportunities catch your attention, visit their website to look at all of the different options.

Another opportunity presented during Christmastime is the Angel Tree program. According to their website, “Angel Tree is a program of Prison Fellowship that connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the Gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent.”

If Angel Tree sounds like an organization you would like to participate in, Bethany First Church, along with many other churches in the area, is volunteering with the Angel Tree program and they would love to help get you involved. For more information, visit their website:

Another option to give this season is with the nonprofit Sharing Tree. According to their website,, “Sharing Tree is a metro-area nonprofit that serves families in need by providing a dignified shopping experience at no cost. To help these families in need you can donate items, money, or your time!”

Another way that you can contribute to helping out others during this holiday season is by asking around at local churches. It is more than likely that attending families or families in the neighborhood could use help, or the church is partnered with an organization that they can get you connected with.

As a college student, I understand that not everyone has the money to go buy toys, clothes or food for these families, but there is so much you can do without spending money. Giving your time volunteering and donating items that you already have is easy and free! As Christians, we are called to help those in need, so use this holiday season to support those around you.

(Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash)