HLSS Brings a Delicious Event to Campus

HLSS Brings a Delicious Event to Campus

Last Thursday night, September 14, the Hispanic Latino Student Society (HLSS) hosted dinner for the campus at Crimson Corner to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month. There was a variety of Hispanic themed dishes, such as grilled meat tacos, fruit cups, nacho chips, and a selection of drinks. 

Carne Asada simply means “grilled meat” in Spanish, and since the main focus of the event was dinner with the community, the name fit well. Jose Garcia, a sophomore nursing major and president of HLSS, was in charge of hosting the event.

“It honestly exceeded our expectations,” Garcia said. “We had a big turn out, and it looked like people enjoyed it. I’m grateful that a lot of people showed up and got to experience a little bit of our culture.” 

Carne Asada was a big success, and it gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to enjoy one another as they ate some homemade dishes. HLSS was very pleased that so many people could come, and they plan on doing something like this in the future. 

Garcia also said that it is important for events like Carne Asada to happen – that SNU can celebrate more than just one culture – and felt like Carne Asada helped HLSS grow and get more people involved. He thinks events like this help students get a better understanding of their culture and the culture of others.

Garcia was grateful not only that people got to experience different cultures, but that students in HLSS got to know people that share the same culture who do not currently participate in the HLSS society.

HLSS plans on doing other events throughout the year. Their next event will be on October 27, with them hosting a “Fun and Food Truck” Friday. There will be a taco food truck and little piñatas for students to make and take back to their dorms. There will also be four big piñatas for students to break open as well. It will be a time to enjoy community with students and staff from different cultures.

HLSS is one of SNU’s student societies, along with the Black Student Society (BSS), led by Darrius Petties, and the Women’s Student Society (WSS), led by Megan Jalbert. If anyone is interested in joining these societies, you can email one of the leaders in charge, or talk to our student body president, Chase Matson, who oversees all the student societies on campus.


Photo by SNU Creative