Hope Is Alive Food Drive

Hope Is Alive Food Drive

Are you wanting to help make a difference, but don’t have time to volunteer during school? The SNU Chapter for The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is hosting a food drive on campus this week. Hope is Alive is focused on overcoming addiction, but more importantly, they are focused on radically changing people’s lives. Hope Is Alive provides homes and programs for recovering addicts. There will be donation bins located around campus for food donations for multiple Hope Is Alive homes for Thanksgiving. These bins will be set up in the Coffee Shop and the Commons from November 8-19th. 

Hope Is Alive is an amazing program that facilitates radical life change, one day at a time. They offer many different opportunities for people in the program. The Hope Is Alive homes are structured with amazing leadership; there are two on-site house managers and a program manager that oversees each home. They also have an amazing curriculum that was written by Hope Is Alive Co-founder, Allyson Lang. It is a year long study that will give a solid foundation in sobriety. HIA also has a three phase program that facilitates complete life change with a unique approach, offering substance abuse recovery and complete emotional sobriety. Not only do they have an incredible program, they also allow flexible schedules; people in the program can still work full-time, go to school, or volunteer. 

Andrew Bursch, the Senior Community Development Coordinator for Hope Is Alive, said “Hope Is Alive truly showed me what Biblical community is supposed to look like. I have made lifelong friends because of it. They also taught me how to have healthy relationships. Today, I have my family back. Most importantly, they helped me develop my faith. I love God and I wouldn’t be here without His goodness.” Bursch works with volunteers, churches and donors for HIA and loves his jobs. 

Bursch goes into more detail about what Hope Is Alive has done for him by saying, “I am proud to say I am almost 4 years sober (previous heroine addict). That would not have been possible without Jesus and Hope Is Alive. People should get more involved with HIA because when you do, you are literally coming into contact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are people actively working to turn their brokenness into beauty… and I promise you that you will walk away changed after coming into contact with our residents.”

Hope Is Alive has changed many different peoples’ lives and you could be a part of that change. If you want to volunteer, check out their website, https://hopeisalive.net. Do not forget that the bins will be in the Commons and the Coffee Shop until November 19th.