How to Prepare for Winter Weather

How to Prepare for Winter Weather

After enduring the fall in Oklahoma, it is time to look to the approaching season: winter. Oklahoma is not your typical state where winter weather is consistent, instead, it is a state where many would describe the weather as “bipolar.” 

Living in Oklahoma, there is no telling whether it will be cold all week or cold some days and warmer on others throughout the week. The winter in Oklahoma will either be cold all throughout, or it may hit the high eighties or nineties in mid-December. I got to experience this unpredictable winter weather when I moved here last year. I am used to winter being cold all the way up until late January when I could start to wear shorts or short-sleeves. However, I was in for a surprise when I found out that here, true winter weather sometimes commenced at the beginning of early November and did not end until late February. During my first winter here, it was windy, it rained, and it even snowed! The snow didn’t stick, but it covered the grounds and was gone the next morning. There was enough snow to make a small snowman, but once I went to bed, my snowman was gone in the morning. While living in this, I quickly learned that there are necessary preparations I need to make to prepare for Oklahoma’s winter weather.

From my experience, I found that warm clothes that will last you for about three months are necessary. Sweaters, jackets, and raincoats will all be weekly essentials. Beanies, warm boots, and rain boots were also my best friends as well during the winter, so I would highly recommend those! I asked my friend Tristian Lewis who was born and raised in Oklahoma what some of her tips were on preparing for the winter in Oklahoma and she instantly replied, “If you have a car like me, you will definitely need an ice scrapper for your windows!” I asked her why she said that as her number one tip, and she explained, “I do not like to walk anywhere when it gets cold so all winter long I drive where I need to. My ice scrapper always comes in clutch for me to see outside my windows when I do!” I then asked my other friend, Ella Gilliland, who has resided in Oklahoma all of her life what her tips were for the winter and she responded, “Seat warmers, especially if you play an all-year-round sport that is outdoors! While sitting in my car on early mornings when we have a practice and it’s thirty degrees, seat warmers help me stay warm before and after practice!” The cold can get hefty at times, and a seat warmer is definitely a must for her. If your car does not have heat warmers, you can purchase HotHands hand warmers to keep in your pockets on especially chilly days.

This winter is predicted to be one of the coldest winters in Oklahoma history, so as we approach the season, get whatever it is that gives you the comfort of warmth as soon as you can! Stay safe and make sure you keep up with the news channels. Winter will be here sooner than you think!


Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash