How to Survive a Night Class 

How to Survive a Night Class 

Sometimes, college calls for taking some sacrifices. This could come in the form of skipping getting that McDonald’s with friends because you are broke or pulling an all-nighter to get an A on your paper. Other times, college calls for you to take a multiple hour night class. 

There are several reasons for night classes. This can support the degree path for people who work during the day.  A variety of undergraduate students and graduate students join together to try and earn those class credits and survive the 2-4 hour lectures. 

There are several different ways SNU students choose to help them survive the night. Junior Elizabeth McDorman said, “I just make sure I have plenty of caffeine. I am tired at the end of the day, and caffeine will keep me awake.”

The first thing to remember is the importance of snacks. If your class runs until 10 pm then it may be hard to stay awake. Chips, apple slices, a granola bar or whatever you enjoy munching on will keep you awake and focused. 

Along with snacks come drinks. Be prepared with your drink of choice. Some of the most popular seems to be ice water, a favorite soda or coffee. For those 4 hour night classes a large might be best! 

Utilize breaks! Most professors will give a break about halfway through the class time. Use this time to get out of your chair. The longer you sit down, the more likely you are to get tired, and then you definitely aren’t paying attention to the lecture. Use the break to get up and take a walk. Either go to the bathroom or take a quick walk to the coffee shop and get a little treat. 

Actually pay attention. It would be easy to pull out the laptop and cruise Facebook or Pinterest the entire time, but that really wouldn’t be worth your time or money. Ways to pay attention may include taking notes in your notebook or using fun pens. Raise your hand and ask questions– it’ll make that final so much easier. 

Overall, night classes are nothing to be feared. They help cater to different daytime schedules and get you those necessary credits in a single week day. So go out there and make the best of your long night classes!

(Photo by Elijah Beaton on Unsplash)