Intramurals offer chance to connect, make friends

Students play intramural sand volleyball. Intramurals’ goal is to help build camaraderie among students. (Photo by Amy Lauver.)

By Matthew Wellman, Staff Writer

Intramural sports are a fairly big deal on campus at SNU. It gives everyone a chance to get out and play a few different sports and have fun with their friends and even make new ones. It can get intense at times, but everyone knows that it is all in good fun.

There are all kinds of intramural sports throughout the year. So far this year there has been sand volleyball, co-ed softball and flag football is currently underway. Next semester, there will be indoor soccer, basketball and dodgeball along with a few others.

“We have three volleyball sports, two basketball, football, ultimate Frisbee, softball, dodgeball. Each sport is for about three weeks so that we can have a week off in between sports so everyone can have time to play the sport without interfering with their studies,” said intramural intern Cameron Hobson.

One of the coolest things about intramurals is that it’s a great place to make new friends. You could get put on a team with 10 other people that you have never met before, and at the end of the season you have 10 new friends and maybe even a new best friend. You might meet someone you didn’t know had the same interests as you. There are endless possibilities when it comes to intramurals.

It also gives non-athletes a chance to connect with athletes. Athletes don’t always have too much time to do stuff outside of their sport and classwork, but a lot of them will find time to squeeze in some intramurals. Sometimes athletes get kind of a bad reputation around school, but intramurals give them a chance to dispel some of that and be a little more social through what they love to do.

“The main goal of intramurals is to connect the school to each other and build a camaraderie between students,” said Hobson. “So that non-athlete students may build relationships with the athletes that will give the athletes more of a student fan base at their games. It also helps the athletes to have a bigger friend base outside of their own sport.”

Whether you just need a way to get out and get some exercise or are looking for a good way to make some new friends, there is an intramural sport for you.