Jake’s Movie Review: Sleepless in Seattle

“Sleepless in Seattle” is the greatest romantic comedy of all time. (Photo by just Mark used under Creative Commons license)

By Jake “The Movie Guy” O’Bannon, Columnist

Close to once a semester I like to have what I call “Netflix Week,” which is an article about a movie that can be found on Netflix. Catchy name, am I right? According to a source that I just made up, “Netflix Week” is known to be even bigger than “Shark Week,” and you and I both know that it’s hard to compete with “Shark Week.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s your lucky day, because this very week is “Netflix Week!” And on top of that, yesterday was everyone’s favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day! (And by “everyone,” I mean roughly three to five percent of the country) When you put the two together you get a Valentine’s themed Netflix pick. With those criteria, the obvious choice must be Nora Ephron’s 1993 romantic comedy “Sleepless in Seattle.”

According to the same source I mentioned above, “Sleepless in Seattle” is the greatest romantic comedy of all time. Yes I made that up, but I dare you to argue with me! The movie is about a man named Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) whose wife has recently passed away and he and his son are learning to experience life on their own.

In an attempt to find his father a new woman, Baldwin’s son Jonah get’s his dad on a late night radio talk show where Sam proceeds to tell the story of himself and his son, and how much he loved his wife and how he misses her deeply now.

Through the interview, hundreds of women all over the world instantly fall in love with Baldwin. He eventually begins getting a bag full of letters each day from women who want to meet him. Through the whole process his son is having a great time, but he is not finding it quite as amusing.

One of the women who listened to the radio broadcast was Annie Reed (Meg Ryan). Like many others, she is struck by the man’s words, and she begins to feel a real connection to him. Being employed in news reporting, Reed thinks up a plan to go to Seattle herself to gather information for a story about Baldwin. She goes, but once she is there she gets cold feet and avoids him.

I know what you all are thinking. You’re reading this thinking, “C’mon Jake, just get to the good stuff.” Well, I agree, I will get to the good stuff.

Eventually, after little Jonah has pulled a few strings, Annie and Sam meet on top of the Empire State Building. In what I consider to be the greatest romantic scene in rom-com history, the two make introductions and then are unable to do anything else but stare into each other’s eyes all the way to the elevator. The connection is instant, and the movie portrays this beautifully.

Do I lose my Man Card for this? I am being completely honest with you in saying that I love this movie. Sure it didn’t win any awards, and it wasn’t good enough to, but it is a sweet, funny, entertaining movie that will certainly put a smile on your face. Fellas, impress your lady by taking some time this weekend to watch this movie. You don’t even have to tell her I suggested it; you can take the credit!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Especially my Valentine: Maia. (Okay, I know that was cheesy. Sorry I’m not sorry.)