Kid’s eye view of SNU

Lia Mullen shows off her ballerina pictures Photo by Celeste Forrest
Lia Mullen shows off her ballerina pictures
Photo by Celeste Forrest

Celeste Forrest, Staff Writer

 Have you ever wondered what SNU looks like through the eyes of a child?

   I mean, we often see these mini human beings running around in Sodexo or visiting their parents in their offices. We even see them sometimes during chapel.  When the majority of SNU is populated by college-aged students and older adults, when we do see children playing tag or Frisbee on campus we stop, transfixed by the rare opportunity to see these smallish creatures in an environment other than a toy store or an amusement park.

   So, what exactly is SNU like to a child?

   Well, I had the wonderful  privilege to ask Levi and Lia Mullen for their perspectives of what it’s like to be a little kid on campus.  As you may know already, Levi and Lia are the cute and awfully adorable adoptive children of Joel and Sarah Mullen.  The Mullens have previously been missionaries to Italy, but have recently joined our Spiritual Development staff.  Since the Mullens only live a hop, skip and a jump away, we often see the little Mullens hanging out at SNU.

   Levi and Lia’s bubbly personalities and contagious smiles and giggles have made them quite the little celebrities among SNU’s students and staff. So, when I thought about getting a different perspective of SNU from the point of view of a child, I thought who was better to interview than the Mullen kids?

   Upon entering their house for my interview with Levi and Lia, I was greeted by a pink panda.

   “Come in! Come in!” they exclaimed.

    Lia, dressed in her cute panda hat and all-pink attire welcomed me in, and soon, Levi joined her at her side, all smiles. I was introduced by Joel Mullen, and before I knew it, I went from being “Cest” to “Cel-est” to “Celestay.”  We sat on the carpet of the Mullens’ living room and I began my interview by asking Levi and Lia “What is SNU?”

   Having just been awakened from their nap, the kids were at first not quite sure what to do or say. However, as the interview progressed and they began to feel more comfortable with me, they began to open up and answer my questions with enthusiasm. I learned that SNU, according to them, was not only the place where their father worked, but it was a great place to play, take walks and eat, more specifically the “orange things and the green things” (i.e. Applejacks cereal,) but not peas, carrots or cucumbers (according to Levi).

   They love the staff in Spiritual Development, and most specifically “Blair with No Hair” (Lia’s words, not my own). I asked Lia if there was anything else she liked about SNU, and I was told her favorite part of SNU was the chocolate she gets in the Spiritual Development office, more specifically, Snickers!

    When I asked them if they would someday like to be a student at SNU, Levi promptly replied: “I’m not bigger yet!”  However, when they do “get bigger” Lia wants to be a Panda Bear and Levi wants to be Levi.

   After my interview with the Mullen kids, we enjoyed the unusually warm February weather by playing outside, swinging on swings, singing “Jesus Loves Me”, searching for pink rocks and coloring a ballerina family. Needless to say, it was so much fun getting to know Levi and Lia, and learn what they enjoyed about SNU. As a student, I have to say one of the greatest things about being at this school is spending time with kids like Levi and Lia, and learning more about life through the eyes of a child.