Limited number makes each home football game more important

Football team emerges
The SNU community celebrated the first of two home football games with a tailgating party and a punt, pass, kick competition. (Photo by Jasmine Misner)

By Matthew Wellman

The SNU football team only has two home games this season. This means that both the campus community and the team is forced to cram all the stuff that they may spread out through five or six games into just a couple of games.

This last Saturday during the first of two home games, there was tailgating, food trucks and a punt, pass and kick competition. There also was a very good crowd on hand to watch the team take on Harding University.

For the pregame tailgating, there were three different places that supplied food; Big Truck Tacos, Flat Tire Burger and Red Dirt BBQ. “The food trucks were a really good addition to the first home game of the year,” sophomore Adam Grinstead said. “The taco truck really stole the show with their delicious variety of tacos and mouth-watering salsas.”

This seemed to be true as the majority of people who went to get food seemed to be in line for the tacos. Damian Santamaria, junior, said, “The food was really good. I wish I could have some more!” The BBQ was fairly popular as well. “The barbecue was probably the best part. I hope the food becomes a regular part of the home football games.” said Cody Nelson, junior.

SNU football games are a very popular event for students on Saturday evenings. With there only being two of them this year, some are pretty disappointed. “I really wish there were more home football games so that we could all hang out as a student body more,” said Grinstead. “Being around all my fellow students in this sort of environment is really special.”

There are many events that are put on by different organizations in the school, but few of them have the attendance of football games. “I feel it’s unfair to the fans and the players and even the entire SNU community,” Nelson added. “It doesn’t give us the opportunity to support the team as much as we should.”

Whether you are an avid football fan or just looking for something to do on a Saturday night, football games are always a good choice. It’s a good time to hang out with your friends and maybe even make a few new ones. With only two this year, students are encouraged to get out there and support our team at every chance we get.