March Madness: Who Will Come Out on Top?

March Madness: Who Will Come Out on Top?

March Madness, for many, is the best time of the year to watch college basketball. This annual NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament is one of the most famous and widely watched college basketball tournaments in the United States. The men’s tournament started the third week of March, featuring a single-elimination format where 68 college basketball teams competed to become the national champion. This tournament started in 1939, but it wasn’t until 1982 that women’s basketball joined in what many call the Women’s March Madness. The format of the tournament is similar to the men’s tournament, with 64 teams competing in a single-elimination bracket. 

Over the years, the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament has grown in popularity, attracting a large audience and generating excitement among fans of women’s college basketball. One thing that makes these games exciting is the rivalries that match up, knowing someone will be eliminated. Huge matchups like Duke-North Carolina and Kentucky-Louisville have become an important part of March Madness history. Duke and North Carolina are big rivals that bring large crowds every year. The intensity on the court in addition to its history make this rivalry one of the most exciting in March Madness. Then, there is Kansas and North Carolina. Last year, we got to watch a thrilling NCAA Championship game showdown between these two legendary programs, with Kansas having an incredible comeback from a 16-point deficit to clinch a memorable victory. As for women’s basketball last year, Caitlyn Clark and Angel Reese had everyone watching. Some say they are the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson of women’s basketball. 

The Elite Eight was played over Easter weekend with North Carolina State taking victory over Duke. The University of Connecticut (UCONN) also dominated Alabama in the men’s championship. Jamauri Johnson of SNU predicted that “UCONN is going to take it all the way for the men, and I think South Carolina will take it for the women.” Only time will tell if he is right!

In the women’s division, Oregon State is playing South Carolina, and North Carolina is playing the Long Horns. Along with this, the University of Connecticut will battle it out with the University of Southern California. They will face off against USC star JuJu Watkins. Not to mention the highly anticipated rematch of last year’s championship game where LSU will battle Iowa–that is the game many are talking about. Commenting on the women, David Omosigho predicted, “LSU will remain the champs, and for the men, UCONN is going all the way.” Either way, all these games are going to be great to watch. As for me, I would love the University of Southern California to get the win for the women since it’s my hometown, but for the men, I would like to see North Carolina State take the championship.


Photo by Jacob Rice on Unsplash