Music Taste at SNU

Music Taste at SNU

If you take a look around campus and watch students go to and from class or see them studying in the library, quite a few of them will have headphones in and it’s usually not because they’re on an 8 am phone call with Mom. They more than likely have some good tunes on to help them get through the day. This is because music is the all empowering medium of entertainment we all love and uniquely enjoy. 

Music preferences have definitely changed over the years as new interests and trends have continued to emerge. Yet, I know quite a few people, including myself, who still jam to 80s hits often, so older music is still the “in” thing. As far as what’s “new” and “hot,” Tik Tok has undoubtedly introduced some of today’s most popular songs and artists that a lot of us listen to on the daily. But, what exactly is our student body listening to and when do they listen to it?

By talking with a couple of different students at SNU, there are a lot of similarities and differences among students when it comes to musical preferences, especially in different settings. 

For starters, music seems to be a popular study tool for many students, whether to pass time or to help with memory and retention. A good majority of students I spoke to enjoy softer, more relaxing music as they study like Coffee House music, Indie, or more chill, mellow tunes that are beat-based. 

If you take a look at the Sawyer or Broadhurst weight room, more than likely, students exercising will have their earbuds in using music to get them pumped for a good workout. When asked about the music they prefer while they’re lifting, running, or getting a good sweat in, students are quick to answer with Rap or Hip-Hop which is widely popular amongst our generation of music listeners. 

What about tunes for an early morning or night drive to work? Well, these answers varied as some students preferred softer, indie, and folk-like music while others mentioned a liking for R&B, soft-pop, and even lofi tunes.

Speaking of a drive, we see SNU students always taking road trips with their friends and even family. Music is a must for those long car rides so what’s being played then? Well, sing-along songs, the 80s and 90s hits, as well as the top songs of the month were answered by most students. 

For the most part, the majority of the student body collectively enjoys a wide variety of genres and artists anywhere from today’s Pop Hits all the way to Country. Most of this listening comes from popular music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, where they have playlists perfect for your preferred listening. Just ask any one of your friends for their username and you can see exactly what music they’re enjoying nowadays.