Newspapers in relation to a Christian walk

Ashlynn McGuire, Staff Writer

   So, I was thinking the other day as I was coming up with something for the newspaper; I started to take everything a step farther. I came up with a realization that life is like a newspaper. Now, do not call me a nerd just yet. Hear me out.

In the newspaper we have different sections, different writers, different stories and different viewpoints on certain topics. If you think about it, that is just like your life. Your life has different issues and topics, different people that influence you and different objectives. In the newspaper you are the editor or staff member, and your teacher is the adviser. In life you can still be the editor, but your adviser is God. He is the one who looks over everything in your life and is the person you get all your advice from. In a way, He is the one who checks off everything in your stories and gives you the okay to go on.

   The editorial is the part of your life where you are able to stand out among the crowd. That is the part where you read and see all the things that go on around you. The definition of an editorial is an article in a newspaper or other periodical presenting the opinion of the staff as a whole. These are the times in your life where you take your stances on the subjects that matter to you the most–the time when you put your say out there and not care what the other people around you think.

   Next is opinion. This is the best part. This is the part where you can give people a piece of your mind. This is the part where you let people know how you feel about any certain topic or situation. Say you are mad at someone, this is the part where you tell that person that they should go jump off a cliff! Just kidding! But this is the part where you go to that person and ask them what is up. Or maybe, say that you are upset with someone, you go and tell them how you feel about what they said or did to you. Opinion is the part of your life where you are able to give your opinion and not be shot down because of it.

   Feature is the part where you are able to show others your achievements and accomplishments. This is like if you went to state in a competition or made the most baskets at a game. You are being highlighted on the highlights of life itself–basically a list of all the things you did that were really important to you or the people around you. For example, in life it could be graduating, getting married, getting a promotion at your job or even just being student of the month. Feature is the part where you are featured for the accomplishments you have achieved.

   Sports is the section that might be varied between different people. This is the part where maybe you take up different sports throughout your life. It is the part where you work out or work to get better at something. This portion of your life requires physical strength and determination to achieve your goals.

   In all, these sections are looked over by the Almighty God. He is the adviser and keeper of all things in your life. He is the one who puts them in motion and provides you the strength to write/do the things that are difficult in your life. He is there for you when nobody else is. The adviser conducts and provides you with the materials to write your story. As in the story idea critique, the idea on what to do if you come to a stopping point, and just the encouragement to keep writing. God is there to lift you up and help you persevere through the trials and tribulations. If you let go and let God, He will be the writer of your life, and all you have to do is listen and follow where He leads you.

“God loves each of us as if there is only one of us.” ~St. Augustine