No More Masks?

No More Masks?

The first week of the fall semester has passed us, so what is in store for this semester regarding Covid? SNU sent out an email earlier this summer detailing all of the plans to help prevent students from contracting Covid. But what does it all mean for students at SNU? Many questions about vaccinations have been brought up from students across campus as well as other Covid-related subjects.

Lexi Jones, a graduate student at SNU, expressed her thoughts and concerns about this semester. “Personally I feel that I would rather get vaccinated than test every week because it is a hassle finding a time to get tested.” Jones tells us that she feels the University is handling Covid as best as they can.

Paris Rodgers, a junior at SNU, thinks that “the school is handling Covid very well by taking action and doing their part for our community!” Rodgers also says that “having the choice of the vaccine is great! Testing weekly if someone chooses to not be vaccinated is a good way for us to stay safe on campus.” 

Masks have not been required for anyone on campus this semester; students and professors alike have mixed feelings about this change. Jones says “one improvement I think could help is making sure the people who are not vaccinated wear a mask, just to keep everyone safe.” Some professors are preferring masks to be worn in class, while others are not. Rodgers says “I think mandating masks should not be a thing. If someone feels unsafe they should wear a mask and social distance or stay at home to protect themselves.”

There are many different opinions on these subjects, but SNU wants to keep our entire community safe and is handling Covid-relating problems well. Each SNU community member has an individual responsibility to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Do your part, stay safe, and have fun this semester!

Photo: by Breyanna Brice