Reader Alert

Trenten Wilkinson, Staff Writer

   Who is a reader at SNU? When you find time to read do you read intensely plotted thrillers like the works of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Lisa Jackson, Iris Johansen or even James Patterson? All of these writers are known for twisted plots and thrilling trails of events. Sadly, they are also antagonizing to your mind and hard to come to grips with some of the conclusions. Would you like a change from the tragic endings?

   In this week’s Reader Alert, come to know a phenomenal alternative to these writers: Ted Dekker. With supernatural elements and heart-pounding plots, this author is known for turning scary events into a glorifying ending for the wellness of your heart and the characters. Dekker was born in Indonesia to a Dutch-Canadian and American missionary couple. He has quickly gained writing stardom by using some of his past memories of living in the Netherlands. When interviewed by CNN, Ted Dekker states, “I grew up in one of the darkest places in the world you can imagine, in [the] jungle, with cannibals. I know we have certain images in our mind when we talk about cannibals, but we’re talking about animism, heavy spiritualism and tremendous amounts of fear.”  With these gruesome life events, Dekker uses his wonderful mind to tell stories and pull you into the book.

   The Reader Alert book this week is Dekker’s novel House. Co-authored by Frank Peretti, this book is a suspenseful story that keeps you guessing until the last pages. To summarize briefly, House starts with a troubled couple heading to a marriage counseling session. Trying to save time, the couple winds up wrecking their car and become stranded at The Wayside Inn. This particular inn is the home of a mother and two sons.  The couple then meet another couple who had a vehicle malfunction as well.  The four of them quickly realize that they are not at The Wayside Inn by accident. “Tin Man,” the antagonist, shows up and swiftly starts his game. By pitching a tin can down the chimney with simple instructions written on it, Tin Man begins yet another game of wits with the patrons of the inn.

   House is not only about a mysterious man who enjoys playing games and tormenting people. The house itself is mystical and uses mirrors and illusions to reveal some dark secrets. With the mind tricks at play, Tin Man tries to manipulate each character into doing unthinkable things and following his house rules. The instructions written on the villain’s can were simply:

1)     God came to my house and I killed God.

2)     Anyone who comes to my house I will kill like I did God.

3)     Give me one dead body by sunrise and I will let rule two slide.

   Suspenseful enough to give it a try?  You will not be disappointed in the ability of this author to take a statement like this and bring you to tears in the final pages.