Real talk with Ronna: Too much ice cream?

Photo by Flickr user Patty used under Creative Commons license.

By Ronna Fisher, Assistant editor

Maybe I am just being nostalgic, but sometimes I wish my life were more like Adventures in Odyssey.

Every problem would be wrapped up in a little under thirty minutes, and every day would end at Whit’s End with ice cream or a Wod Fam Choc Sod (Whit’s World Famous Chocolate Soda) and laughing over the crazy antics of Connie and Eugene.

On average, the biggest consequence I would ever face on any given day would be a little embarrassment, maybe a bruised pride, but I would always learn my lesson. 

My days would be filled with bike rides, tree houses and adventures in the imagination station. Every problem I had could be talked over with a gentle, concerned old man with a great, white mustache (Mr. Whittaker) and a bowl of ice cream.

I could even hire a private investigator to find my faith when I felt as if I had lost it, although Mr. Whittaker, of course, would eventually show me that my faith was not literally lost.

Apart from the mystery or suspenseful episodes, my life as an Adventures in Odyssey character would be simple. Life would be good. People would be people. God would be God. And again, there would be a lot of ice cream.

Unfortunately, I know that life is not like an Adventures in Odyssey episode in the least, and, if you are like me, you probably wish it were sometimes. Parents would never make mistakes; friendships would never die. You wouldn’t have to try so hard all the time. You would never have to go to traffic court or have panic attacks or worry too much about disease or sickness. You would know that everything was okay.

Sometimes I feel like the human experience is just too complicated for me. We deal with so many different kinds of emotions, sometimes all in one day—sometimes all at once: bitterness, jealousy, sadness, worry, joy, ecstasy, apathy, fear, excitement. The list goes on and on. Somehow, these feelings are all connected and, sometimes, completely indistinguishable.

At the same time though, I am glad that life is so complex. I can have really deep friendships, form bonds that I may never fully understand. I can sit around for hours and just talk about life, the little things, the big things, the complexities, and the contradictions.

I can sit and hold a friend’s hand while they just cry. Alternatively, I can learn about the power of prayer when what seems like an impossible situation turns around.

I know what it’s like to be afraid and face that fear. Face it, we are complex human beings, and things are just more interesting that way.  We learn and care and grow so much deeply because of life’s hardships and complexities.

Besides, I would probably get sick of all that ice cream.