Remedy 2013-2014: campus worship band

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief

Every year, students with musical gifts audition for the campus worship band, Remedy. Remedy travels all summer to different camps, leads worship for kids and leads chapel frequently during the school year. This year the mem- bers of Remedy are Shelby Oxner and Chesney Dodez on vocals, Clay Milford and Jared Gilreath on electric guitar, Caleb Swanigan on drums, Sam Duce on bass guitar, Alex Jones on keyboards, Zach Lucero leading with acoustic guitar and vocals and Drew Van Sickle on sound.

“It is a good way to be able to minister to students all over the re- gion,” Lucero said.

“I tried out because I believe that

    Remedy is the best way to utilize the gifts and talents that God has provided me. During the summer, God was able to reveal Himself in different ways and able to help me work through my doubt. Time and time again, God proved that He is God and I need to trust Him.

God definitely was able to impact students at every camp through us. We made a very conscious effort to fill our lives with prayer and pressed into the Holy Spirit. Without God, nothing that we do is possible. I think that it is a great opportunity for students to really dive head first into a great ministry. It stretches you as a musician and stretches you spiritually. I am looking forward to being a part of the growing com- munity at SNU.

    Being part of a team really forces you to learn other people’s strengths. The trick is being able to utilize everyone’s strengths to the best of your ability in order to maximize the potential of the group,” Lucero said.

Milford said, “For me, Remedy is about feeling free. I know they say it’s a PR band, but what we try and do is show that worship isn’t about technique, like raising hands or whatever the go-to worship mo- tions are; it’s about feeling free and alone with God. It’s about wrap- ping yourself in the music and be- lieving in what is being said and re- peated. It’s getting lost in Him and not caring who or what is around.

“I learned what it means to be filled physically by His love and the power of the Holy Spirit. Several times this summer we had to play a service until ten, then play games until one or two in the morning, wake up at eight, play a morning service and then drive six hours to our next place, set up and play an- other service, followed by games until 1 again. We had to have the excitement of a last night and a first night of camp consecutively, and it was challenging. The only way I got through it was Him showing me that my body might be tired, but He can energize me no matter how tired I think I am.

Sometimes we reach that place when we are all tired or stressed. But every time I get on stage and get to play music and worship with people I care about, all of that melts away and I just get lost in the moment. It makes my life.”