Restaurants Within Walking Distance

Restaurants Within Walking Distance

As a college student with no car, it severely limits my freedom to explore and eat somewhere besides good ole SNU dining. Luckily for individuals like myself, there are many restaurants right across the street that often get overlooked. Here’s a list of restaurants that are within walking distance of SNU.

Birrieria Diaz – A beautiful Mexican restaurant, this location has a great atmosphere and great food. The lunch prices are reasonable, and dinner is good for date night.

Java 39 – An anomaly in Bethany, this place packs a lot of punch for its size. It has been feature on a couple of food channels for its gumbo and art gallery. This is a great option for anyone looking to shake things up. They have open mic on Wednesday’s and consistently have live music throughout the week. The prices are standard (discount available for SNU students) but nothing else about this place is.

Stray Dog Cafe – Known for its breakfasts, this cafe also makes a mean burger. They reinforce their image by stating that everything is made with fresh ingredients. They have an assorted mixture of homemade desserts that look really delicious and hold a place of pride for the workers. The prices are a slightly higher than the other locations, but it’s not unprecedented.

Papa Angelos – A little further down the street is a favorite for many SNU students. They have higher prices than the other locations on this list, but they make up for it by having large serving sizes that will make sure you have leftovers. They give a discount to anyone with a Crimson Card. Watch out for their hours as they are open from 11AM – 2PM, then 5PM – 9PM. Definitely a good location for those looking for a safe option.

Boomerang Diner – This is probably the safest option on this list. It is a retro diner with great food and excellent sweet tea. They have great lunches and have a close proximity to the Sawyer Center. If you just want some solid food that’s nearby, this is the option for you.

Pho 3Nine – The hardest part about reviewing this restaurant was trying to find a negative review. Everyone I’ve talked to has only good things to say about this specialty restaurant. Good food and a lot of it, good prices, and friendly staff.

Ding Asian Fusion – The last entry on this list. This is a basic Asian restaurant. The serving sizes are large for the prices and the food is a little more upscale. It’s clean and a nice establishment for date night or just a simple lunch.

Hopefully this is a helpful list and that you try one or two out.

(Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash)