Roommates from Outer Space

Roommates from Outer Space

Do you like your roommate? Isn’t that a great question? It is hard to answer the question, and there are a lot of different issues. It is hard to find that perfect roommate, but if you did found him or her just hang on her or him the whole 4 years of college.

From my personal experience, I can say that things may change as the semester is going.  My first roommate was a very unorganized girl who liked to leave her clothes wherever she thought was the right place for it. It was my first semester and the first months away from home and in a different culture. The next year, I changed my roommate, and things were going great. However, closer to the middle of the semester, my roommate and I began facing some problems. It could be clothes everywhere, dirty dishes, loud noises or something else. Sometimes we talked over things that we didn’t like and tried to avoid doing them. I think it is a great way to solve some issues, but it is hard to begin this conversation.

If you think that your situation with dirty dishes or clothes everywhere is bad, believe me it can be much worse than that. There are some issues that current students at SNU share and even some who attended SNU back in the day.

Who said people need to take a shower? For most of us, it is a silly question, right? It is something that our parents taught us when we all were little children. It might be a surprise for most of us, but not everyone thinks about it the same way.

“My roommate didn’t take a shower once since we began rooming together. Literally, his parents gave him a new battle of shampoo, conditioner and other stuff and none of them even moved from their places during the whole year. I could notice his appearance as soon as he entered into the room,” said Stephen McMurtrey. Also, Stephen’s roommate stayed up until 5:30-6:00am listening music.

“The same 12 tracks every single night with no headphones.” said McMurtrey. He bought a new headphone for his roommate to solve this issue. However, his last roommate was a nice guy.

“Tufts of hair were all over the bathroom … so disgusting.” said Michelle Luehring about having to share a bathroom.

There are so many different issues that we all might face or will face in the future, and the best way to deal with them is just to talk over them with your roommate(s).

[author image=”” ]Marina Shipliova, Staff Contributor
Marina is from Russia. She has been playing tennis for 15 years. She loves sports, hiking, swimming, jumping, skiing and etc. She studying is cultural and communication studies.  She describes herself as a super senior. [/author]