Senior feature: December grads

December Graduation from
December Graduation from

Kira Roberts, Editor-in-chief

   While most seniors are preparing to graduate next May, a select few are finishing up their undergraduate degree in December.  Two of these students are Kaylee Piatt and Brookeana Witt.

   Piatt is a Sport Management major who will start her MBA in January here at SNU while she finishes her last season of eligibility for volleyball.

   “I transferred here after playing volleyball for a year at Lamar University.  I wasn’t happy with where I was and coming to SNU was the best thing for me,” Piatt said.

   “My time at SNU has been the best few years of my life.  I have developed relationships that will last for a lifetime and have grown spiritually more than I would have ever thought.  I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to be a part of this community; I will always treasure my time here,” she said.

   Witt ran track at The University of Texas at Arlington right out of high school.  She is a Spanish major who plans to start a graduate program in Educational Leadership and eventually become a school administrator.

   “My freshman year, Mikey Piatt was on the team with me.  We became pretty good friends and after that first year, he transferred to SNU.  During that next year (I was at UTA, and he was here) we started dating long distance.  Some changes were made in the track program at UTA, and I was looking to transfer.  Mikey told Coach Miller here at SNU about me, and he was interested.  I came on a visit soon after and have been here ever since,” she said.

   When it comes to the SNU experience, Witt said, “Honestly, it took me a while to adjust to SNU life.  Coming from a school with 34,000+ undergrad students to a campus with 1,500 was definitely a shock.  But I have learned to love it!  I like the small class sizes and the sense of community here on campus.

   “I think coming here affected the types of relationships I have started making.  At UTA, the focus of everything was worldly.  Everyone talked about drinking and partying all the time.  Even the faculty was not encouraging to anyone religious.  As a Christian, it was a difficult place to be.  Now I have people around me that are more like me and professors that support the Christian lifestyle.  I have friendships that I will be able to maintain throughout my life.”

   As far as advice for younger students goes, Piatt said, “Just keep swimming!  I know studies can become overwhelming, and it feels like a struggle just to keep your head above water.  But just slow down and enjoy it.  It will be over before you know it!”

   Witt added, “Live it up! Your time here is a lot shorter than you think.  Before you know it, you’ll be out in the real world having to get a real job and a real life.  Go to events, make friends and enjoy college life!”

   The Echo staff would like to wish Piatt, Witt, and all the other December graduates good luck in their next step of life and offer congratulations for all their hard work during their time here.