Senioritis is typically only thought about when you are about finish high school. You spend four years at a place where people tell you to do assignments for homework and have people try to guide you to live life in a way they see fit. People forget that you almost do the exact same thing when you are in college. You once again spend four years at a place where people tell you to do assignments for homework and have people guide you. Senioritis is a very serious thing in high school, but maybe even more so in college.

Senioritis is essentially the decreased motivation in seniors. Senioritis is a lot of the time thought about at the end of the semester before you graduate, but it strikes way before that. Senioritis from what I have seen and personal experience strikes as soon as you receive the first homework of the semester. The moment you see that first homework assignment is crippling and sucks the soul out of you. You’re so close to being done, but you still have to do homework and have teachers hold you back from making those last minute memories of being seniors. Quinten Foster, senior at Southern Nazarene University, describes Senioritis: “You do not want to leave the university or the community which you are in, but you do not want to do the work.” This quote by Quinten perfectly explains what Senioritis is.

Senioritis is a crippling problem for high school seniors because it may affect their grades at the end of the semester and could affect if they go to college. This crippling problem is even worse for college students. After college, you face the dreaded real world that we have been trying to avoid. The decreased motivation truly comes from the fact that you have to complete homework and then right afterwards you are thrust into the real world.

Britain Dawson, another senior from Southern Nazarene University, was asked to describe Senioritis in one or two words. Dawson said, “Nerve-wracking.” His reasoning was because you have to think about what you are going to do with life and where he and his wife will live to finish getting an even higher education.

Even though Senioritis is a crippling problem and hard to work through, once you accomplish get the degree it is as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders. No matter how hard the Senioritis hits, you will more than likely get through it and look back at the memories.

Pray for those who are currently going through Senioritis!

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Clifton Grear, Staff Writer

Clifton is a junior majoring in Mass Communication. He is ecstatic about having the opportunity to work with the Echo. Clifton also works with a non-profit named ONE. You can catch Clifton getting buckets in Broadhurst in his free time or occupying the sand volleyball courts with his crew of ballers. Clifton enjoys long walks on the beach and listening a collection of the best artists in the rap game. He also is an avid dancer and plans on becoming a dance instructor after he retires. After graduation, Clifton does not know what he wants to do, but he plans on following God’s plan for him.[/author]