Seniors’ Plans After Graduation

Seniors’ Plans After Graduation

With the fall semester nearing the half-way point, seniors graduating in December are closing in on their undergraduate careers at SNU. Whether they choose to stay and pursue a master’s degree, or begin their life outside of school, it is a time that can be sad, but it can also present these students with new and exciting opportunities. 

Asa Robertson, a senior at SNU who will be graduating this fall, mentions his desire to further his education, saying “I plan to begin working on my master’s degree in business administration, while playing my final year of football here.” When asked about his college experience and any advice he’d give to younger students, Robertson said, “I have had a great experience, and made lots of friendships that will last a lifetime,” adding, “To anyone who is new or will be attending in the future, I would advise getting involved in everything that goes on around campus because this will help you get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the experience much more.” 

Aaron Fellows, another upcoming graduate, said that he is uncertain about his future following graduation, as he has another year of eligibility left for football. However, he adds that, “After college, I plan to move back to Texas where I will likely be a coach and a teacher.” As he reminisces on his college experience up to this point, Fellows describes it as “unique,” saying, “My time here at SNU revealed to me that my faith was the most important thing in my life, while also giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing college football. Fellows also gave advice to younger students saying, “ It is important to not forget to have fun and build meaningful relationships while going here.”

Although graduation can be a time that brings stress for students thinking about what life is going to look like after college, it is also one that should be recognized greatly. Graduating from college is a major accomplishment and anyone who is able to do so should be proud of their dedication to their academic success. With this, students should look back on all of the memories that college provided them as it is often a time that will never be forgotten. As seniors walk the stage this upcoming December, they will be faced with the many possibilities that life offers to a college graduate, and that by itself is more than enough to celebrate. 


Photo by SNU Creative