Should You Create a Club?

Should You Create a Club?

Joining a club can make the college experience much more enjoyable. Meeting new people and making friends can be tricky when you’re busy with schoolwork. It can also be difficult meeting people who have similar interests as you do. That’s where clubs come in. 

Clubs are created to get students connected with people who have similar interests so that they can make new friends. However, it can be difficult for some students to find a club that piques their interest. Therefore, students who cannot find clubs that suit them should create their own club that interests them instead.

When students consider creating a club they are bound to question whether or not it is worth their time. Many students may feel hindered by trying to balance their coursework along with starting a club. Time-management is tricky, but I believe starting a club is worthwhile.  

Professors are great resources when it comes to learning how to balance commitments, including leading a club. Students can schedule an appointment with their professors to discuss how to best plan and prepare for their class as well as get extra help on assignments by visiting the Writing and Tutoring Center. Open communication is key when taking on new responsibilities. It never hurts to ask for extra time because the worst a professor could say is no. It is bound to be challenging balancing the weight of homework and extracurriculars, but if students pay close attention to their schedule and prioritize communication it will help students in the long run, not just as a club leader but in their future career as well.

Students creating a club must collect signatures of students who want to join, gather support from the school, collect the equipment needed for the club, create a bank account if the club will be pricey, prepare a location, create a social media platform, and create a full-time schedule.

Students who create a club should expect to have a positive attitude and be able to help students in any situations pertaining to the club. As leaders, it is important to keep your club active and positive so all members are comfortable. Clubs usually meet weekly to instill positivity and consistency within the club community. It is important for students who create a club to have passion and drive for whatever their club entails. When creating a club, students must think about others before themselves as it is their task to help everyone to have a good time, ultimately creating a positive Christlike environment that SNU strives to have.


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash