Skating into the Spring Semester: Roller Rag Recap

Skating into the Spring Semester: Roller Rag Recap

The Spring semester has started strong with Social Life providing students with their first big event of the year: Roller Rag. 

Roller Rag is a classic annual SNU event, allowing students to take a break from the familiar buildings of campus and to enjoy community in the local area. This year, Roller Rag was hosted at Skate Galaxy on Macarthur and 36th Street, a local skating rink in Bethany. SNU was able to rent the rink last Friday night and allowed students to skate (or learn to skate) with friends and fellow peers.

Roller Rag always has a fun theme, and this year the theme was pajamas. Students got to wear their comfy clothes and snack on Insomnia Cookies, play arcade games, and try not to wipe out on the skating rink while dodging pillows in a pillow fight. 

One of the great things about Roller Rag is the opportunity to relax and take students’ minds off of school and just enjoy each other’s presence. Grant McNew, a sophomore pastoral ministry major, said he liked learning how to skate with his friends, even if they had no idea how to!

Of course, skating is not for everyone, and those who had little desire to test their balance on the rink tried their skills at some of the arcade games. Social Life gave gift cards to students with the highest scores on the mini basketball hoops game and air hockey.

Skate Galaxy provided some mini-games on the rink for the night as well, allowing students to bring their skating skills to the next level. Students played limbo, a classic roller skate game, and red-light-green-light. Alivia Campbell, a sophomore pre-physical therapy major, said her favorite moment from the night was watching her friends play red-light-green-light.

If you missed Roller Rag, don’t worry, there are plenty more events to experience this spring semester. If you still want to test your balancing skills, make sure you sign up for Broomball, Sports and Rec’s classic spring event, where you can play a rendition of “soccer hockey” with your friends on an ice rink. 

Social Life’s next big event is Heartpal, SNU’s annual Valentine’s dance, on February 16th. For more information on Broomball and other upcoming events, check out @snulife on Instagram, where all the spring semester events will be posted, or stay updated on the SNU Google Calendar. We hope to see you testing your skills on the ice or dancing your heart out–or both!


Photo by SNU Creative