Slam Dunks and Corn: A Match Made in Heaven for Community

Slam Dunks and Corn: A Match Made in Heaven for Community

College is a time in which diversity is cultivated: new cultures are present, new ideas thrive and community is built through differences. On October 24, this Wednesday at 6:00 pm, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) will be hosting their first ever Slam Dunk contest while serving elote to students. This event is offered by the CULTR Society and Hispanic Student Society. Rain or shine, students can expect to find community, competition and corn at this event.

As mentioned, the event will be hosted by two clubs here on SNU’s campus. Jalisa Williams said that the CULTR Society was created because “We want to show students that they are still loved regardless of their color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status or disability… we genuinely love you because you are you.”

At the same time, the Hispanic Student Society is also making an effort to create a larger spectrum of diversity here on campus. Edna Sanchez described the Hispanic Student Society as a very open club, looking “to promote Hispanic culture among the student body at Southern Nazarene University.”

Elote (corn) in the cityThis event that will be on the basketball courts by Snowbarger, or in Broadhurst gym if it is raining, is meant to create a sense of community and bring out students who may not always feel included.

Williams hopes that the night will “bring people together in community so we can recognize our differences but also highlight our similarities. We want to bring out your ‘fun side’ through events that bring out the love and joy in us. If we can make you forget about the worst day you had this week then our mission will be accomplished.”

Familiarizing oneself with foreign food is a great introduction to a culture, an opportunity that students will have at this event. Explaining what elote is, Sanchez said, “Elote is corn! We’re having street style corn which is corn with mayonnaise, butter, chile, and lime. It is a cup full of flavor and we invite everyone to try it out!”

Come out and participate in the Slam Dunk competition and buy a cup of corn to support the Hispanic Student Society. Funds will go to support future events for the club such as the night of Spanish! If you want to be kept up to date on future events and meetings, follow @latormentadesnu on Instagram.

College is a vital time to about other cultures and ideas, as well as yourself. Take time to go to the Slam Dunk/ Elote event this Wednesday at 6:00 on the basketball courts to be a part of SNU’s community with friends and learn more about a new culture.

(Photo by Tété and Robert Penaloza on Unsplash)