Video Story: SNU Has Something to be Thankful For

Video Story: SNU Has Something to be Thankful For


As Thanksgiving approaches, Noah McKinney and Cheyenne Reynolds speak to a hand full of students on the upcoming holiday. There were a variety of questions asked to each person, but only three made the cut. These questions are:

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?
  • How do you feel about Christmas being advertised before Thanksgiving is over?

The process of creating the Thanksgiving video was a great experience. There were endless laughs and enjoyment reaching out to students and hearing their responses. As a whole, many students felt passionate about Thanksgiving getting skipped over while others favorited Christmas. The highlighted dish of the evening was homemade rolls, and the number one theme students expressed was being thankful for family and friends.

[author image=””] Cheyenne Reynolds, Staff Writer
Cheyenne Reynolds is a junior Sports Information major from San Diego, California. She is part of the Crimson Storm Softball team, and the Student Government Association on campus. She enjoys the beach, traveling, photography, movies, sporting events, and doing missionary work. Cheyenne has aspirations of being a sideline reporter and owning her own magazine company that incorporates both sports and missionary publishings. [/author]

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