SNU Severe Weather Guidelines and Helpful Tips

SNU Severe Weather Guidelines and Helpful Tips

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Severe weather season is coming upon us, and with that comes much needed preparation. Whether you have lived in tornado alley your whole life, or you have grown up out of the country, it’s a necessity to have a plan for when bad weather hits. Here are some guidelines Southern Nazarene University has provided for the students and faculty.

Important Terms to Know
Tornado Watch: An alert issued to the possibility of tornado development in a given area. Remain alert for approaching storms.
Tornado Warning: A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Take shelter immediately.

General Tornado Safety Tips
If you can not get to a building with a basement area:
1. Go to the center of an interior room or hallway on the lowest level.
2. Go to a centrally located stairwell.
3. Get under a sturdy table or drop to the floor. Use your arms to protect your head and neck.
4. Avoid hallways that open to the south or west.
5. Absolutely avoid building areas with large free-span roofs.
6. Remember: lowest level, smallest room and center part.

Other Campus Recommendations For Shelter

Beaver Science Hall-This is labeled as the “Primary Campus Shelter.” Located in the basement (first floor), seek shelter there in the hallway corridors and classrooms. The Science “Pit”, large lecture hall is not included as a recommended area, due to large glass windows.

Bracken Hall-If you have to seek shelter here, it is recommended to be in the basement.

Broadhurst-The primary place for shelter here is the tunnel between the swimming pool and the men’s locker room. Enter the tunnel through the men’s locker room, located just inside the north entrance to Broadhurst. The secondary place for shelter is the hallway between the swimming pool and women’s locker room.

Chapman Apartments-The best place is the basement/laundry area. Use stairwells on north end of the building near Chapman 101 apartment if necessary.

Snowbarger Hall-The primary shelter is the on the first floor (below ground level) restrooms. The secondary shelter is the first floor hallway. All doors and students’ room doors are to be closed.

A.M. Hills-The best place is to shelter in Broadhurst or Beaver Science Hall.

Best Ways To Keep up With Severe Weather

One of the best ways to keep up to date with severe weather if you aren’t by a TV is social media. On any social media like Twitter, if you search with the hashtag “#okwx” you can find up to date tweets on weather, including anything from weather pictures, forecasts and real time updates. Some accounts I recommend following on social media are: @NWSNorman, @emilyrsutton, @KOCOdamonlane, @garyeOK, @tornadopayne
and @AaronTuttleOK.

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