SNU Students’ Opinions on Christian Rap and Hip Hop

SNU Students’ Opinions on Christian Rap and Hip Hop

Christian music is made to spread the Gospel and the miraculous ways of God. It is often majestic, testimonial, and is made from the soul. Likewise, hip-hop began as a kind of stylized rhythmic music, mainly centered around drum beats, and frequently was accompanied by the rhythmic delivery of poetry. It was, however, intended as an anti-drug and anti-violence style of music but has revolutionized into the opposite. Nowadays, the majority of rappers/artists refer to things like drugs, sex, money, and violence, which are things that do not follow Christ-like morals that many students at SNU strive to uphold. In many ways, Christian music is seen as the direct opposite of hip-hop in terms of subjects talked about in songs, so there’s no possible way the two could mix right? Wrong! World-known artists such as Caleb Gordan, Hulvey, Lecrae, and many many more are rapping on these same drum beats but about the significance of God and His powerful ways. 

One notable SNU alumni and Christian rapper is Dre Murray, who has focused his path on pursuing God through his craft. In Chapel on February 6, 2024, Murray performed for the student body and gave insight into part of his testimony of faith. He even talked about how he has tried to use his music as a platform for God and to be “set apart” from other styles of rap. The lyrics to his songs are powerful and it seemed that the crowd agreed, as they followed along to the beat, dancing and laughing along the way. 

SNU student, Nolan Steeples, adds his insight on Christian Hip Hop, saying, “I began listening to Christian Hip Hop heavily around February in 2023. Before that, since 2021, I had just dabbled in the most popular stuff like Hulvey Lecrae and KB. I had no idea there were so many talented rappers glorifying God with the talent God has given them…Christian Rap and CHH have been significant in my life since I started listening to them. The switch from secular rap and hip hop to Christian rap and hip hop that glorifies God has been huge for my faith because what you allow your ears to receive is a lot more impactful than most think. Discovering new talented artists like Kijan Boone, DKG Kie, Caleb Gordon, and nobigdyl has been big on developing community with my brothers in Christ and also helping me to focus on God and not glorify myself.” On the other side, some don’t agree with the concept of Christian rap. SNU student, who would like to remain anonymous, states, “I enjoy Christian rap a lot, and I think it’s a great addition to my traditional Gospel music, so don’t get me wrong when I say I don’t like the idea of adding secular saying to Christian songs. For example, I hear songs talk about ‘killing their Ops,’ referring to killing demons, but that just doesn’t belong in a Christian song in my opinion.” 

The world is always changing and evolving, but God is constant. Not everyone will agree with the changes, but the evolution of Christian rap seems to be driving many hip-hop lovers and people of the younger generation to listen to Kingdom music, even if it sounds a little different than what we normally hear in a church setting.


Photo by José Ramos