SNU Women’s Soccer: One Goal at a Time

Alyssa Glitzke, Guest Writer

   Last year the SNU women’s soccer team was the runner up at the NCCAA national tournament. This year the team has set new goals for themselves. The first is to win 10 of their 18 games this season so that they may make a reappearance at the Central Regional Tournament. The Lady Storm is only one game away from this goal of ten as of their Friday night defeat, 2-1, over the East Central Tigers. This goal is only the first step for the team. The second goal they have in place for this season is to win out regionals so they may again have the opportunity to visit Florida. Last year the girls were able to do this in only two games. The same is expected this November. Lastly, the ultimate goal for the season is to make their way back to nationals but this year to claim the title.

   For now, the team is focused on their last three games, all of which are on the road. Monday, October 28, they face Northeastern State, and then on Halloween day, the team sets off for Arkansas where they will face Ouachita Baptist, whom they have fallen to once this season and Harding University, whom they defeated 1-0 just a few weeks ago.

   Wins are not the only thing our women’s soccer team has their minds set on. The girls use their team verse, “Iron sharpens iron. So one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17 NIV) on and off the field in the way they interact with each other daily. They constantly strive to push each other in practice by shouting encouraging demands, they are continuously laughing together and they will always be the first to step up if a teammate is facing a tough situation.

   When asked what her favorite thing about the team this year is, senior captain Sherri Collins answered, “My favorite thing about the team this year is the way we look out for one another. There are days you have your highs, and there are days you have your lows. No matter what may happen you can always count on a teammate to help you get through it. Not many teams have this kind of chemistry, and that’s what makes our team so special. Rarely will you find teammates willing to sit with you and actually help you with your homework, stay late and help you practice or ask you how your day is going and actually want to know. In the end these may be all little things they do, but sometimes all these little things mean the world to a teammate. That’s why I love my team so much.”

   One step the women’s team has taken to creating this bond is the team prayer board in the locker room. The prayer board was created about half way through the season when a few of the upperclassmen had something laid on their heart they needed to share. The board hangs on one of the walls in the women’s locker room and is open to every player or coach on the team to write any prayer request they may have. From family issues to injuries, the board is full of different life situations the players are faced with.

   The SNU women’s soccer team would like to sincerely thank all those who have come out to support them this year, including parents, students and faculty.