SNU’s 2017 Senior Design Show

SNU’s 2017 Senior Design Show

SNU will be holding its Senior Design Show on May 12, 2017 in the Parker Fine Arts Building from 6:30-9:00 p.m.. Professor Phyllis Eagle is serving as the Art Director for the show, but our own senior graphic design students are the ones putting together the program. Morgan Campbell, Jordan Babcock, Hannah Lebeau, Brittany Toone, Logan Sundbye, Ashley Grubert, J.D. Frees and Hannah Bean have worked together to create what will showcase their collective work from the past four years.

The students are in complete control of the organization and production of their show. They selected the theme (out of this world/galaxy), came up with a tagline, created work to display in accordance with the theme, perfected their portfolios, designed postcards, constructed an informational email, contacted caterers, worked with print shops, handled the financial obstacles and coordinated much more of the event.

Prof. Eagle has given the students so much control over the show to further their experience with real world projects. Not only are friends and family invited to this event, but Prof. Eagle has invited people from the professional graphic design world to attend as well. She wants the hard work of the students to be seen by potential future employers. Ashley Grubert hopes with the show being open to the community and design professionals that it will put SNU on the map and attract people for its design program.

In the past years, the design show has taken place the Friday after the last day of finals. Because of this, many of SNU’s students weren’t able to come to the show because they were already in the process of moving home. Prof. Eagle says they decided this year they would hold the show a week early so that students can come and enjoy the show. Grubert mentioned that she and the rest of the senior design students are excited for their peers to be able to see their work and the many ways the graphic design department is flourishing.

Our senior graphic design students have been through a lot during their tenure here at SNU. Certain circumstances caused them to have to depend on each other and ultimately teach themselves for a portion of the time. Though this was difficult, it has cultivated a strong group of students who are particularly hard working and have exceptional talent. Go out and support our graphic design students and the graphic design department! They deserve more recognition for their intricate work with design.

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Savannah Kelley, Staff Writer
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