SNU’s 2023 Homecoming Court

SNU’s 2023 Homecoming Court

Homecoming is here! SNU is so excited about the fun and fellowship this week will bring. One of everyone’s favorite aspects of Homecoming Week is the homecoming court. Get to know the homecoming court below.

Homecoming court 2023 SNU Creative

Rouve Jacques is a psychology major from Saint-Marc, Haiti. She says, “I am still in disbelief that I am one of the students on the court. I have only been on campus physically for a little over a year. Having my peers vote for me is such an honor, especially as an international student.”

Ashley Finch is a pre-occupational therapy major who plans to travel directly after graduation and then go to graduate school to get her doctorate degree. She plays right side for the SNU Women’s Volleyball team and wants to pursue a career as an occupational therapist.

Whitney Bowie is an international business major. After graduation, she plans to spend a year or two in Europe, working in either sales or Human Resources, then she wants to come back to the U.S. and find a job in management. She plays middle for the SNU Women’s Volleyball team. She is super excited and honored to be on the court. 

Lily Rhodes is a nursing major who plans to take the NCLEX after graduation and become a registered nurse. She plans to stay here in OKC and work at a hospital in the metro. Lily is grateful to be a part of the homecoming court. She says, “I love this university and I’m so grateful for everything it’s given me.”

Paige Adams is a biology-chemistry major who is in the process of applying to physician assistant (PA) school right now and hopes to work in emergency medicine after graduation. She is honored and excited to represent the university.

Hannah Trevino is a senior pastoral ministry major who hopes to be a pastor in the future. She is the Lead Student Chaplain for SALT and Senate. Hannah is very honored to be recognized by her friends and peers.

Josh Mora is a pastoral ministry major who hopes to become a pastor after graduation. Josh is honored to be on the court and is excited to see who is crowned the homecoming king and queen.

Carson Milligan is a pastoral ministry major who plans to start a house of worship in OKC. Carson says “It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of this university in the aspects I have served in.” 

Asa Robertson is a business major who plans to get his master’s degree. Asa is humbled by the fact that he is on the court. He says, “It just shows that you can have a bigger impact on those around you than you even realize.”

Arty Elias is a pastoral ministry major who plans to work at a gym and start his personal training career. He is also a part of the Community Relations team for SALT and Senate. Arty is a first-generation college student and is extremely grateful to be nominated.

Will Heise is a pastoral ministry major. He is a Resident Advisor in Snowbarger Hall. Will plans on attending seminary, and plans to continue to serve in the local church. 

Camden Goff is a senior commercial music production major who currently plays electric guitar for Bethany First Church on Sunday mornings as well as on Wednesday nights for BFC Youth and College. Camden is excited to represent the class of 2024.


The homecoming chapel will be held on November 10th in the BFC Atrium. Blair Spindle, University Chaplain and organizer of the homecoming court, is excited to recognize this group of amazing leaders who represent the student body. For more information about the homecoming court, visit or @snulife1899 on Instagram and Facebook. To get more information about the events Homecoming Week holds, you can find the homecoming schedule here.


All Photos Courtesy of SNU Creative