Staying Safe at SNU

Staying Safe at SNU

We’ve all received those questions from our parents asking us if we’re staying safe on campus. Now that it’s getting darker quicker and the weather is taking turns for the worse, it’s time we take a look on how to stay safe on campus. A good place to start looking for information is SNU’s safety page ( On the website, you’ll find advice and information from SNU’s very own Glen Holcomb. Glen Holcomb is the Director of Safety and Security on campus, which means he’s responsible for keeping us safe on campus: “A great place I recommend for all students to start looking for is our safety page. There are links to different pages on sexual assault, personal safety tips, ways to report crime, and other links,” Holcomb says. SNU Safety and Security Logo

Another thing to keep in mind, especially as a young adult in OKC, is sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is getting to an all-time high in parts of the country. There are dozens of different tips on the pages that guideline what to do in the event of different crimes occurring on campus. “Using the links will provide all the necessary information for students to be safe on campus and keep our campus a safe one,” Holcomb said about the links on the side of the webpage. Please go and look at the pages that are on the website and be alert of your surroundings. Here’s a short compilation of the main ideas from the website:

  • Be alert of your surroundings, especially when walking to your car.
  • Don’t put yourself into dangerous situations.
  • If walking or jogging on the campus streets, do not go alone! Being in a group is safer.
  • Trust your instincts! If something feels wrong then it probably is.

For more information on the various topics you might be worried about go check out the SNU safety page and communicate with the campus police. They’re the ones who are constantly striving to keep SNU a safe campus.

(Photos by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash and SNU)