Stress Relieving Tips: By SNU Students and for SNU Students

Stress Relieving Tips: By SNU Students and for SNU Students

Thanksgiving break provided a much-needed pause for most of our SNU students, but having a few days of relaxation only to come back to hectic homework schedules, friends, practice and all the other college stressors can be more overwhelming than before the break.  For those of you feeling that never-ending strain of school, here are some of the best stress relievers: by SNU students and for SNU students.

Sometimes working non-stop can be exhausting and lead to mental blocks. In order to avoid hitting a wall, students like AJ Marcoe and Triston Graves recommend splitting up your study and play time.  

For Marcoe, it’s all about keeping your cool and taking time to make smile lines instead of stress wrinkles. When asked about how he handles stress, Marcoe said, “I hop on Youtube and watch some stuff from SNL, and then once I feel de-stressed enough, I’ll get back to work.” Try this out to make sure you don’t get so worked up on your homework and take a breather for a laugh or two!  

Meanwhile, Graves recommends taking your mind off homework with something that’ll keep your brain awake but distracted from stress. He says that “doing something that’s difficult and fun,” like learning a new song on the piano, always helps him relax when under pressure.  

These are all great tips to help de-stress if you have the time. However, if you are an avid procrastinator and no longer have time to take breaks, here are more tips and tricks to help you finish that last-minute homework without having a complete breakdown.  

My personal favorite stress reliever is having a simple change in scenery. This could mean going outside to finish a paper I’ve hit a block on or driving around for a minute to clear my head.  

If you are the kind of person who needs to leave the temptation of Netflix and get out of your room to do homework, there are tons of coffee shops such as Coffee Slingers to visit. You can spend an afternoon sitting and sipping while you knock out those tedious assignments.

Nursing student Sophia Weisbruch is constantly under study pressure. When she needs to clear her head and stay focused, Weisbruch says, “Piano music and a place away from people always helps.” So, find a corner, plug in those headphones, and get to work!

Try out these tips to see what works best for you!

(Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash