Student Opinions on Studying with Music

Student Opinions on Studying with Music

The fall semester at Southern Nazarene University is coming to a close! With finals just days away, students are preparing for exams and final projects. This is usually the time of the semester where students have plenty of homework to complete and tests to study for. Therefore, it is important to find the most efficient and effective way to study and complete homework.  

Students have different ways that they like to study and do their homework. A popular and common way is going to a coffee shop, such as Starbucks, Higher Grounds or Serve to work on assignments. Some people prefer to work alone, and others with friends. Some prefer to stay in their room, and some like to get off-campus. It’s all about what works for you and what you prefer.

A big preference that many students have is studying while listening to music. Almost everyone you meet will say that they like to study and do homework to music. For example, there is always music playing at any coffee shop you go to. However, there are a few who prefer to work in silence because music is too distracting for them.

The question is – Do students believe that listening to music increases productivity and efficiency when doing homework and studying? Let’s find out…

Morgan White, a sophomore at Southern Nazarene University, listens to music while she studies and while she does homework. She said, “It calms me down when I am stressed about homework.” She also believes that listening to music helps her be more productive. She said, “It keeps distractions away so I can be more productive!” She enjoys listening to music that calms her mind, such as acoustic music.

Rudy Rockett, a junior at Southern Nazarene University, said, “I definitely do when I’m doing homework if it’s busywork. If I’m studying, I can’t. It’s hard to focus if it’s not quiet for me.” Rudy also said, “ I would say it does because it gets me into a rhythm, and everything just kind of flows easier.” When asked what type of music he prefers to listen to when doing homework, he responded, “It depends on my mood, really, but I tend to lean towards contemporary Christian or just laid back worship because it’s not too loud or distracting.”