Student Showcase: How You Can Get Involved With the ECHO

Student Showcase: How You Can Get Involved With the ECHO

The most important function of any student newspaper is to provide their community with a voice. To give students a platform to express their ideas and to provide them with relevant and helpful information is part of what we value most here at the ECHO. This is why, this semester, we want to open the floor for students to participate more directly.

There are many opportunities through which students can get involved with the ECHO. As of this fall semester of 2022, students can not only submit articles within the parameters of News, Art & Entertainment, Sports, and Opinion, but they can also submit works of their own for us to showcase. This category specifically caters to students wanting to share their creative writing (such as poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction) or their academic research with the student community.

“We welcome all voices on campus to be represented in the school newspaper,” says Jim Smith, a Mass Communications professor at SNU and the faculty advisor for the ECHO. “The newspaper is a reflection of our community and we want it to echo our diversity.”

“The ECHO is the perfect opportunity for students to share their voices through writing,” says Faith Blose, the assistant editor for the ECHO. “Everyone has a unique perspective and story that deserves to be heard. The ECHO gives students an amazing platform to reach all audiences.”

In having the ability to submit articles be available to students of any department, year, and walk of life, the ECHO aims not only to highlight the unique experiences of students whose perspectives might not often be heard, but also hopes to provide the ability for students to diversify their future job portfolios.

“Not only is the ECHO beneficial in putting your work out into the world, but it is also an amazing experience to put on your resume!” says Blose. “Having written works published via the school paper will allow you to meet new people, discover new topics, and give you opportunities you never thought you would have.”

If you are a student here at SNU and want to get involved with writing for or submitting to the ECHO, contact us at, or contact the Editor directly at There are many talented and insightful minds here at SNU, and we hope to work together to create a community and a newspaper that can serve and uplift one another!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash