Students’ Plans for Thanksgiving Break

Students’ Plans for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break arrives in two weeks, and students will be able to have some time away from assignments. Most students’ excitement will come from being able to visit their families, get more time to rest, and help their families prepare their Thanksgiving meals. 

I asked two sophomores, Nathan Hurt and Eli Reutlinger, what they were most excited about for Thanksgiving break. Hurt responded, “I’m more excited about spending time with family, watching some football, and spending time away from college.” Reutlinger added, “I’m most excited about getting to spend time with my family. We’re going to visit my grandparents in San Antonio.”

Most students will be going out with family or friends, participating in events and activities that they can do now with this free time. I asked Hurt and Reutlinger what events or activities they’d be doing this Thanksgiving break. Hurt answered, “I’ll be watching football with my dad and having a Thanksgiving feast with my family.” Reutlinger added, “We’ll have Thanksgiving dinner, go travel around San Antonio, and on Friday I will play golf with my dad and grandfather.”

The most popular thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is its food. Families gather all around to celebrate the holiday of peace and thankfulness through creating and sharing food among others. However, the food served on Thanksgiving differs, such as having chicken over turkey or pecan pie over pumpkin pie. So, I asked them what food they planned on fixing. Hurt responded, “We’re having chicken and turkey.” Reutlinger included, “We’re having turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cherry pies.”

Thanksgiving is a holiday enjoyed by families; however, some students might not be able to celebrate Thanksgiving day with their families due to a long travel. I asked how students who’ll be on campus during Thanksgiving break can still celebrate the holiday. Hurt responded, “They can do something similar to my high school experience where my friends and I covered the table with tablecloths, brought a Thanksgiving feast, and celebrated together.” Reutlinger concluded, “BFC is fixing food for students who can’t eat with their families on Thanksgiving. Students and their friends in similar situations can come and celebrate together.”

I hope students are able to spend time making memories with their families and friends while also prioritizing rest as finals draw near. Reach out to a friend today and make sure they have somewhere to be this Thanksgiving, even if it is at your table.


Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash