Students work to promote diversity and cultural awareness

By Brad Crofford, Editor-in-chief

Some may not think of the university as being particularly diverse, but a student group wants students to learn from it.

The Multicultural Student Network, more commonly known as MSN, is a campus organization that seeks to help students learn from their differences. It is currently in its second year.

“We are a group of students and staff striving to raise diversity and cultural awareness on campus by encouraging understanding, tolerance, and sensitivity of different cultures,” Trey Polk, a student and MSN coordinator, said. 

Director for Student Success Misty Jaggers is the staff person responsible for MSN.

“Our hope is that this organization will provide an opportunity for students to really celebrate, appreciate, and learn from the differences between us,” Jaggers said. “As we create opportunities to learn more about each other and our unique stories, our hope is also that we will be surprised at how much we have in common.”

MSN has held several events, including a clothing drive in the fall of 2012 and a game night in February.

It will be holding another clothing drive in April, as well as another game night at some point this semester.

“We had a lot of success with the fall clothing drive and we hope to do even better with this one,” Jaggers said. “All clothes collected will be given to the individuals that the REACH Theme House works with and anything left over will be given to homeless shelters.  We’d love to have a lot of students participate when we distribute these clothes.”

MSN is open for all students to participate.

“We meet once month and this is a club that doesn’t have any requirements that [the applicant] has to acquire. Anyone can join. It does not matter who you are,” Polk said.

Those interested in learning more about MSN can contact Misty Jaggers in Student Development.