Summer Classes to be Offered at a Reduced Cost

Summer Classes to be Offered at a Reduced Cost

SNU will offer 15 to 20 courses this Summer over two sessions, beginning right after the Spring semester is finished. The first session will begin the week of May 13 and will conclude the last week of June. The second session will begin the first week of July and end the week of August 12. It is anticipated that most students will prefer to take a first-session course, so most are planned during that session.

Tuition for the Summer session courses will be significantly reduced to just $250 per credit hour. This major reduction will be offered in hopes of attracting more students who may need to catch up on credit hours after falling behind, or for those who want to progress a bit more quickly toward earning their bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Dennis Williams, the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the College of Undergraduate Studies, offered some great reasons for taking advantage of this opportunity. “Summer sessions are a great time to fill some gaps in your degree plan with an online class or two. Taking one class instead of juggling many at a time can be more manageable and, with that focus, a deeper learning experience.” In addition, Summer classes can make it easier for students to manage their course loads during the regular semesters. Dr. Williams added, “Taking courses in summer sessions helps spread out the load of classes while staying on track for graduation. Taking three or six hours in the summer allows one the freedom to take a lighter load during the regular semesters and still achieve one’s academic goals.”

As of today, all the courses offered will fulfill either a Foundations or Windows General Education requirement. About half of the courses will be offered online and the other half face-to-face on the Bethany campus. Most of the courses will be capped at 20 students. For this reason, it’s recommended that students enroll in these courses as soon as they can to avoid waiting lists. Enrollment for Summer classes can be done at the same time that students enroll for their Fall 2024 classes.

SNU has always offered Summer courses, but this year there is an effort to get more students enrolled, with more courses being offered. When asked about this special emphasis, Dr. Williams said, “We’ve noticed that some students struggle to get all the classes they want or need during the regular terms due to scheduling conflicts or limited offerings. We want to target our summer offerings to ensure that we are helping our students achieve their goals efficiently. The particular classes we expect to offer are ones that we’ve found have some pent-up demand or require the specialized focus that summer term allows.”

According to Katy Bradley, the Dean of Students, there will be housing offered for students enrolled in these courses. Students interested in housing should contact the Residential Life and Housing department. Food service, however, will not be offered during the Summer sessions.


Photo by SNU Creative