Summer jobs near SNU

Summer jobs near SNU

It’s almost the end of the school year and summer is almost upon us. This is the time to make a little extra cash while having fun or building up a decent resume. The hardest part is trying to find a job that matches your interests and qualifications. After an extensive search through (the #1 job website), this is the compiled list of the most interesting, basic and cool jobs that require almost no qualifications.  

  1. Pool Monitor, Milhaus: Salary Varies (1 year experience)- This list does start off a little rough because this job does have a qualifier. If you’ve ever been a lifeguard or had to look after a pool, this qualifies you for this job. This position is laid-back and smooth sailing. This is for those individuals that like a chill summer environment and decent wages.
  2. Summer Feeding Program Coordinator, Neighborhood Services organization: $11hr- This is a summer job that is great for an individual that loves kids and is willing to help out low income neighborhoods. This job doesn’t appear to be laid-back but it’s an opportunity to serve the community while making a little bit of cash.
  3. Summer Production Assistant, Candid Color Systems Inc.: $8-$10.50- This may seem a little vague but the reviews from this job are superb. Thee salary seems a little low, but if you show up when you’re supposed to you are handsomely rewarded for your consistent performance/attendance. This looks like the perfect summer job for any college student.
  4. Summer Operations Intern, MHC Kentwort: $15hr- This is a job for all those go-getters out there. The pay is good and it looks fantastic on a resume. The reviews for this one are optimal, but it should be warned that you should bring an energetic outgoing personality with you. It’s preferred that you are in the process of obtaining a business degree but it’s not necessary.
  5. Summer Intern, Oklahoma Claims: $15-$19hr- It should be noted that this company is basically Progressive, it is well paying $15-$19 per hour and is a high-intensity job. You are promised a mentor to help you walk through this process and the reviews are mixed. It appears that this is a highly competitive environment and is fast paced.
  6. Part-Time Seasonal Sortation Associate, Amazon: $10.50hr- It’s only fair to warn you that this is a warehouse job. As expected working in an Amazon warehouse is fast paced and only for the physically fit. You will have to be on your feet all day and be required to lift heavy objects. However, there are many breaks and additional benefits including insurance after the first month of work. The environment is fun but hard working and great for physically fit people.
  7. PR and Marketing Assistant/Intern, OKC State fair: $8- This is one of the few paid internships that are available near SNU. It requires a lot of work but looks good on a resume and still gives you some pocket change.
  8. Secret Shopper at The Oklahoma City Home & Outdoor Living Show, Kelly services: $13.65hr+ reimbursement for expenses- A one day gig that has a low number of requirements. You just spend a day at the Oklahoma City Home & Outdoor Living Show and do some basic review work. Good pay and fun.
  9. Seasonal Front End Cashier, Lowe’s: Pay varies- The most basic job on this list, it’s just a simple cashier role. The pay isn’t listed but it’s usually well above minimum wage. This is for those people looking for a more traditional job that will get them through the summer.
  10. Temporary Brick Specialist (Sales Associate), Lego: pay N/A- A great job if you’re a fan of Lego’s or just like working with kids; this is a fun steady job that will allow you to work with a beloved franchise. It looks good on a resume and is a good entry level position.

This information was found on and ways to apply can be found through this link. These were not all of the opportunities I found, but they are great for people with no previous job experience. Good hunting.

(Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

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