Lupe: Everyone’s Favorite Wrap-Maker and Friend

Lupe: Everyone’s Favorite Wrap-Maker and Friend

When you go away to college, you tend to focus on the friends and people you will meet and build friendships with. Rarely enough do we talk about the people that we see daily, that make our days better because they came to work that day. The unsung heroes of SNU are our catering staff. These are the people we see many times a day who are responsible for preparing and serving the meals that we all depend on. It is the dining workers who help create a welcoming environment in our dining hall.

When we go to the cafeteria, it is a little community and it is important to know the names behind the faces and say thank you. We cannot take anyone for granted, and it is important to show our appreciation every day, not just once in a while. 

Earlier this week, I took the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite workers in the cafeteria, Lupe. Lupe came here from another country; she is one of the hardest workers and always has a smile on her face no matter what is going on. When I sat with Lupe, she told me that one of her friends told her about a job opportunity working at SNU. She said, “It sounded like something I would like, and I had years of experience working in the hotel industry.” Luckily for us, she came to SNU, went into the office, talked to a few people, and was hired. She has been at SNU for over 14 years and has no plans of leaving us anytime soon. One reason she really wanted to work at a university instead of a hotel was that her two children went to a university. She commented about this, saying, “I want to be here for you students like someone was there for my children.” There is no question Lupe loves her job and the students at SNU. 

When I spoke to Donald May, a student at SNU, he said, “Lupe is the best. She is always so happy to see everyone.” It is true she makes the cafeteria a better place. 

Dining workers play a vital role in creating not only great food and service but also adding to the great environment and family of SNU. Lupe said, “My greatest reward is when the students say ‘Hey Lupe’ and smile at me every day. It is what I look forward to most.” So, if you find yourself in the cafeteria, make sure to look out for Lupe in the wrap station and thank her for making SNU special. Lupe and her team’s dedication and hard work contribute to making SNU a better place for everyone. At SNU, all of us are very blessed.


Photo by Jeremy Alcorn