The Do’s and Don’ts of College: Navigating Freshman Year

The Do’s and Don’ts of College: Navigating Freshman Year

Each year loads of freshmen are dropped off at SNU, a new place they are now going to call home for the next nine months. Many may be excited for their first semester of college, but some may find that they are also extremely nervous. As a new student, this first semester may be a bit of an adjustment, but SNU does a great job of trying to alleviate some of the anxiety and pressure of navigating your freshmen year through NSI mentors, RAs, and our faculty and staff. 

However, if you are anything like me, the last thing you want to do is “bother” someone and would rather just figure everything out by yourself. Something you’ll soon realize about SNU is that we don’t do life alone around here–we have people and systems in place to provide any support you may need. Below is some advice from current SNU students on how to best navigate your freshman year.



  • Look at your schedule and take some time to get familiar with your class locations and important places on campus (Webster Commons, Library, Registar’s Office, etc). On my first day, I went to the wrong building and waited for like 20 minutes hoping the professor would come in. Turns out I was in the wrong building. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one. –Victoria Peter (junior)
  • Go to as many events as possible! -Talara McGlory (junior)
  • Read your emails! -Darius Petties (junior)
  • Get to know your professors. -Darius Petties (junior)
  • I wish someone would have told me about all the programs on campus. So get familiar with all the programs, clubs, and support on campus. -Tristain Lewis (junior)
  • Utilize the tutoring services. -Lynlee Cummings (sophomore)



  • Skip class. -Darius Petties
  • Skip chapel. If you attend early in the semester, you won’t have to worry about it when you’re busy (and tired) at the end of the semester. -Talara McGlory
  • Close yourself off, instead, make friends. -Tristan Lewis 
  • Try to get coffee RIGHT before chapel. –Lynlee Cummings
  • Hang onto habits, things, and/or people that are not fruitful in your life. This is a time of growth. -Victoria Peter


Other Advice from Upperclassmen:

  • College does get easier. It’s worth all of your effort and time. Keep grinding! -Talara McGlory
  • Get your money up not your funny up. -Darius Petties
  • Learn how to multitask and prioritize homework. -Tristan Lewis
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Everyone is trying to make friends. I promise no one is judging you for starting a conversation. –Lynlee Cummings


You all are going to do great this semester! Lean in, ask questions, and find people who will listen and support you!


Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash