The greatest book on earth is now the greatest show on earth

Image from Wikimedia

By Garvis Long, Staff writer

It was a Sunday evening with little to do.  I had just come home from church with my brother, and we both crashed on the couch to watch television.  One channel to the next with nothing but the same drama and same boring news stories about Kim Kardashian’s baby.

It seemed like a regular day, until I turned to the History Channel and couldn’t believe what I was watching.  Old stories of heroes from long ago which help shape the world that we know today, stories I grew up reading and helped change me for the better, stories of hope, determination and, most importantly, faith.

The stories from the Bible have been brought to life through the History Channel’s riveting new series The Bible, which shows stories from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

This series brings everything from the greatest book in the world and puts it in high definition.  Most shows hold my attention as it is, but this series kept me wanting more.  The story of Moses, King Saul, David and Goliath, Samson, and all the other stories from the Canon are told beautifully through a show that brings the words of the Bible to light.

The stories are narrated by Keith David and tell several stories in one episode.  The show’s actors are amazing as well, each one bringing their all in each one of the characters.

This is not The Prince of Egypt or your average Sunday school video tape you show to kids.  The Bible is for mature audiences, although I would let my little cousins watch this show because of the message each episode presents, instead of watching the crazy stuff that comes on now-a-days.

In the end, I dare you to find a better show on television right now that actually has a message to it.  The greatest book on earth is now the greatest show on earth.