The Last Semester

The Last Semester

As the semester comes to a close and students’ minds turn to thoughts of Christmas and break, several students have come to the realization of how close they are to the very end of their time in college all together.

Knowing several people who are leaving Southern Nazarene University after next semester, I decided that it would be interesting to interview several of the graduating seniors and ask them what they would like to accomplish with their final semester of college.

I first tracked down Southern Nazarene University senior Aubrey Clowers and asked her about what she wants to do with her final semester.

“I want to wake up every day with the mindset of striving to do my absolute best in everything I do,” said Clowers.

Clowers described this mindset as motivation to be the best possible her, and that it reached into all areas of her life, not just academics.

“I chose this because I would hate to look back and feel as though I wasted away my days and just went through the motions,” stated Clowers. “I want to feel as though I really challenged myself and used all my energy in the right areas of my life.”

After speaking with Aubrey Clowers, I next interviewed roommates Amy Lauver and Mandie Oliver. Lauver simply replied that she is hoping for a lot of snow days, while Oliver had a different hope in mind.

“I want to do something that I love every day,” said Oliver. “It can be a little thing like reading a book for fun, or go watch the sunset… go on a walk… or to talk with a friend who I haven’t talked with in a while.”

Oliver went on to say that this goal is not just for her last semester here; she would like to carry on acting this way throughout the rest of her life as well. However, this current semester has had several distractions, whether it be social media or simply wasting time.

My final SNU senior to interview was Andrew Leahey. Out of the seniors I spoke with, Leahey’s interview was perhaps the most intimate of all.

“I plan on going under intense training with the ‘Legendary Gresh-man’ and the ‘Master Glen Hold’em’ to improve my senses and become a dangerously sweet, smiling security master,” said Leahey.

When I asked Leahey about what he would do with these new found skills obtained during this time he simply replied, “I will protect the people of SNU… No one can come up from behind me and make me cry anymore. I will protect those who don’t always look behind their backs.”

Leahey is currently looking for suggestions for a cool superhero name, and looks forward to his final semester here at Southern Nazarene University.

As the senior class approaches their last semester with us, we can all learn from their advice, whether it be to do something you love every day, to become a superhero crime stopper, or to simply be the best you can be.

[author image= “”] Marshall Jones, Staff Contributor
Marshall was born in the great city of Houston, Texas. Currently Marshall is a sophomore at Southern Nazarene University, studying Mass Communication. Marshall has a love for all things bluegrass, coffee and outdoors. [/author]