The Magic of the Movies

The Magic of the Movies

Victorious applause, silent sobs, uproarious laughter– all of these emotions are experienced inside a movie theater. It is no secret that the movie industry is a dying art, as box offices are now having to compete with streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go. This is why, now more than ever, it is important to support movies and go to the theater.

Going to the movie theater is a time to embrace community. Where Netflix allows us to stay inside our own comfort zone, going to the theater allows us to meet vastly different people and relate to them through cinema. It also allows us to spend quality time with close friends outside of our normal environments.

I spoke with Southern Nazarene University (SNU) student Zach Nelson, a movie enthusiast, to understand why he prefers going to the movie theater instead of using a streaming service.

“I like the communal aspect of it a lot,” expressed Nelson. “I enjoy going with different people. I don’t like sitting in front of my iPad or computer watching a movie, it just doesn’t feel as personal and the experience isn’t as good for me.”

Although Nelson prefers going to the movie theater, he expressed that it is hard to spend time and money on it sometimes. But ultimately, he expressed that it is worth it for him because he gets to spend time with different people and experience the unique atmosphere of the movies, saying, “A lot of my favorite movies that I’ve been to are tied to my experiences at the movie theater.”

Nelson’s opinion is in the minority, as streaming services are irresistibly convenient and give us a cost efficient alternative to going to the movie theater. I interviewed Jana Seymour, a senior English major at SNU, about her opinion on streaming movies versus going to the theater.

“I do prefer to stream movies, but if it’s a special occasion like a movie I’ve been waiting for…  then I’ll go to the theater,” Jana stated. “I prefer to stream because you get all the comforts of your own home without having to pay for it if you use your roommate’s account. The price of going to the movies is expensive, and you can’t go in your pajamas”

She goes on to say that people’s opinion on this issue depend on what they want out of a movie: whether they want the full, immersive experience or a simple, homely experience. Seymour also said that the benefits of watching Netflix are endless, saying, “You don’t have to be around anybody in your house, you can eat whatever you want to, and it’s a cheap date.”

Streaming services are undoubtedly convenient and do have incredible benefits in terms of cost and time efficiency, but streaming services are killing the art of film. Even if you prefer streaming, go to a movie every once in awhile and support a highly anticipated film.

If you’re looking for ways to go to the movies on a budget, Harkins Theater in Bricktown offers student discounts with an ID, Tinseltown has matinee pricing all day on Tuesdays, and AMC has $5 Tuesday tickets if you are an AMC member.

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