The Recent Rise in Popularity of Women’s Basketball

The Recent Rise in Popularity of Women’s Basketball

Something not only me but the masses have viewed in the past couple of months is the recent rise in popularity in Women’s Basketball. Popularity has somehow grown at the perfect pace both in the United States and internationally. After research and a few interviews with other people, I came to eight conclusions as to why and how this is happening. 

Increased Media Coverage: Broadcasters, sports networks, and streaming services have increased their coverage of women’s basketball, providing fans with more opportunities to watch games and follow the sport. I found this conclusion after I interviewed Jquelin Cook, who stated, “Women’s Basketball has really just been all over my for you page lately. Every social media and news outlet is talking about it. It’d be hard not to see it.”

Growth of College Basketball: Women’s college basketball has grown in popularity over the years, with the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness) gaining a larger following. The success of top college programs like UConn, Baylor, and Stanford has also contributed to this popularity. I came to this conclusion after an interview I conducted with Aaron Kirby, who said, “I tapped in with Women’s Basketball specifically because of Caitlyn Clark. She is a college player who is really performing and I feel is the primary reason women’s basketball is where it is now.”

The success of WNBA: The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has seen an increase in viewership and attendance in recent years. The league’s focus on player empowerment, social justice initiatives, and the introduction of the Commissioner’s Cup in 2021 have helped to generate more interest.

Investment in Women’s Sports: Several major corporations and sports organizations have increased their investment in women’s sports, including basketball. This includes sponsorships, marketing campaigns, and partnerships with athletes, all of which have helped raise the profile of women’s basketball.

Athlete Activism: Many women’s basketball players, especially in the WNBA, have been vocal advocates for social justice issues, using their platforms to speak out on topics like racial inequality and gender equality. This activism has helped to attract new fans who appreciate the athletes’ efforts beyond the game.

Role Models: High-profile female basketball players like Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Maya Moore, and Breanna Stewart have become household names, inspiring younger players and creating role models for the next generation of athletes.

Increased Global Participation: Women’s basketball is gaining popularity around the world, with more countries investing in their national teams and women’s leagues. The international success of teams like the US, Australia, Spain, and France has helped raise the profile of the sport globally.

Influence of Social Media: Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have provided players and fans with new ways to engage with each other, share highlights, and build communities around the sport.

These factors, among others, have contributed to the recent rise in popularity of women’s basketball. The continued growth of the sport will likely depend on ongoing support from fans, media, and organizations that are committed to promoting and advancing women’s athletics.


Photo by Jacob Rice on Unsplash