This advice from 1953 is still relevant for SNU students

Cordova Haigin’s advice from 1953 is still relevant, according to Grace Williams. (Image from the April 14, 1953 issue of The Echo provided courtesy of the Fred Floyd Archives)

Grace Williams, Guest Writer

Cordova Haigan wrote an article encouraging students to read the Handbook and make suggestions in the April 14, 1953 issue of The Echo.

I wish Cordova Haigan was attending SNU right now. I know we would be best friends because her name and bandana are awesome and because she shares the same sentiments about student involvement in campus policies.

Brad Crofford and I started the Campus Conversations Club (CCC) to bridge the gap between students and administration about the lifestyle covenant, campus policies contained in the handbook, and overall procedures, but we are open to all sorts of problems that students want help with. I’ve really enjoyed hearing many different perspectives on issues and exploring different solutions to suggest to the administration.

The administration has been helpful in providing more information to help us understand issues holistically and has been receptive to suggestions thus far. We’ve been discussing the proposed study abroad scholarship changes, SNU security, recycling, off-campus housing, and more.

Take Cordova’s advice and join our conversation!