Thor: The Dark World in review

Matthew Scott, Staff Writer

   Saturday night was a good night for me; I went to see a movie that I could not wait to see for the longest time. Thor: the Dark World was the movie, and it was a sequel to the first Thor movie that opened in 2011. The movie characters are based on the same characters that come from the comic books written by Stan Lee, who makes cameo appearances in the films. With a sequel to a movie, you never know what will happen because they are never as good as the first. With the hype this movie is getting early, if it is a bust, it will let a lot of people down. Lucky it is not a bust, and it is just as good as or even better than the first movie.

   Coming out November 8, 2013, two years after the first one came out, the plot, lucky enough, is also two years after the first one ended. There are four major stars in the second Thor that are important to the plot. First of all, there are the two characters that I think the movie is based around, and that is Thor (of course) played by Chris hemsworth and Jane foster played by Natalie Portman. Then there is one of my favorite characters and also one of my favorite actors. The actor is Tom Hiddleston, and he plays Loki, or the God of mischief.

   If you remember, at the end of the first film, to stop Loki from ruling the world Thor destroyed the bridge between worlds. Because of that action, he could not go back to see Jane. Now, two years later, another problem starts with the device called the Eiter. To keep it out of the bad guys hands, the people of Asgard hid it away, so no one will ever touch it. That ends when Jane accidently comes upon it, and it enters her body. Now there is a race to save her, and touching the device awoke the evil guys trying to steal it. So they have to deal with them while trying to save Jane.

   This is a great movie, and I recommend everyone go see it. It contains a lot of different genres that all react well with each other. First of all, you have the action, which of course is awesome because those are my kinds of movie. Though the action scenes in this movie were interesting to say the least, they had a different angle to them, especially the end scenes. Another thing it has was comedy; for an action movie, it was rather funny to watch. A lot of good back and forth from the main characters made the movie better.

   Again, I really would recommend this for everyone but not until you see the first one because this movie is part of a bigger picture.