Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips

With the holiday season coming right around the corner, this means that for many students, they will be traveling back home. Going back home to see your family and friends is always a good time. And whether you are getting there by car or plane, it is always helpful to have a few useful traveling tips in your back pocket.

Tip #1 Knowing the Weather of Your Destination 

This might just be one of the most important things you do before you travel. Knowing the weather of your destination is crucial to the packing process. Just because it is freezing in one area, doesn’t mean that that same weather will be reciprocated in another. The last thing you would want to do is pack a bunch of heavy knit sweaters just to be overheating the whole time you are away. Checking the weather will allow you to avoid just that. “There have been so many times where I have packed for one type of climate just to get to my destination and realize that the weather was totally different.” says Freshman Jessie Fouts. 

Tip #2 Knowing What To and Not To Bring 

Yes, it’s obvious you are going to have to bring a respectful amount of underwear on a trip but maybe you don’t need your own set of towels? If you are staying at a family or a friend’s house, you probably won’t have to worry about packing towels, toothpaste, and many other of your everyday toiletries. You possibly won’t even have to worry about bringing any of that stuff even if you are staying at a hotel. Many hotels will provide all these things for you! 

Tip #3 Making a list 

There are thousands of packing lists online that you can pull up and choose from. But to make sure you truly have your everyday essentials, about a week out before your trip, start to either make a mental list and an actual physical one of things you tend to grab and use everyday. This is helpful because although when packing you will of course think about bringing shirts and pants, maybe you won’t think about bringing some heartburn medication or even your polaroid camera! “There are so many times I get to my destination just to open my suitcase and realize all that I have forgotten.” Junior Logan Sabatelii  says.

These are just a small handful of tips that can help your travel experience go just a bit smoother! Enjoy your vacay.

Photo by: Eva Darron on Unsplash