Volunteer Opportunities For Students

Volunteer Opportunities For Students

Would you change the world if you could? You can move tiny sand grains every day from one side to the other, which would make a bigger difference than doing nothing. We can change any place we want with the power of giving just a bit of time and work. Hebrews 13:16 “And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need”.

We should search for volunteer opportunities from time to time. It can be small or big, as long as it is one more step towards changing the world. Whether it be helping each other, reading to kids at the library, volunteering at senior homes, packing Food Bank boxes, helping the environment or recycling, all are doing some kind of good. It is what our faith is about.

On the SNU website, after clicking the employment/internships/volunteer page, (http://snu.edu/employment-internships-volunteer), you notice there isn’t a way to select volunteer. It’s blank, there is no link. Where can SNU students get volunteer opportunities?

After a glance around campus and online, you will find various chances. Kick for a Cause had a box available for your donations to the homeless for about a week. Council Grove Elementary is always accepting school supplies. There are plenty of mission trip opportunities like SIMS.  At the beginning of orientation, few volunteer opportunities were presented to us. If you go to the Commons information desk, you can ask about current volunteer opportunities or at least get in contact with those who need volunteers. The easiest way to find out about any events on campus, to which may have volunteer opportunities, is to text SNUStudentLife to 84483.

There is a website for those seeking a way to reach more areas and who want to do more. But first, read the following safety tips: plan on going in groups, always, plus it’s fun to go with a friend; wear recommended clothes; make sure you know the area is safe; call ahead to double check the availability of the position and to schedule a time.

The website can be found here. You can search your area and type of volunteer opportunities that you are looking for. You may find a place where you can continually go. There are plenty of places that have a community of volunteers. I salute all of  you for your good deeds.



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Jade Young, Staff Writer
Jade Young, a committed soul dedicated to the preservation and resurrection of the environment. Currently, she is a Culture and Communications Major taking every opportunity she can to encourage others. [/author]