Welcome to the Large Freshmen Class!

Welcome to the Large Freshmen Class!

We hope everyone’s first week of school went well as we all try to get back into the swing of things! Some of you may have perhaps noticed the longer lines at the cafeteria and more seats being filled in the classroom. If it seems more crowded than usual on campus, that is because this is the largest freshman and transfer class SNU has welcomed in several years! According to Sierra White, Residential Director of A.M Hills, residential housing is at about 90% capacity, with the Bracken and Snowbarger halls almost completely filled! This doesn’t even take into account all the students that also live off of campus. This large student population is very exciting for all the staff and faculty on campus who love having these new students around, and it also means many great things for SNU.

With the help of this large class, all the things that make life at SNU special get to continue. This includes all the fun on-campus events, programs, and food trucks! Having a large student population also just makes it more fun and beneficial for everyone. As Sierra White says, “We feel like the student experience is always better when you have a big group that’s energized about being here.” SNU faculty and student leaders are very excited about this new, energized class and all the wonderful things they have to bring to the table, and we hope you are too! We have the opportunity as students from different backgrounds to come together, form special relationships, and create a strong, powerful community–to make SNU a place we’re proud of. 

This influx of new students is very exciting for not only the faculty, but also many of the clubs here at SNU as well. Bethany Crouch, a Sophomore English major, has been a part of the Equastrian team for two years, led by Coach Debby Letham. With this large new class, the Equastrian team was excited to have 22 new people join the team, adding to a total of 30 students! This is over double the eight people the Equastrain team had last year, allowing Coach Debby Letham to have up to 25 people competing at once! This is great news for the Equastrain Team and SNU! The same can also be true for other academic and athletic programs here at SNU as well. 

We encourage you all to engage with others and show appreciation for this growing community, even if the lines for food are a bit longer than usual!


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